Monday, October 22, 2007

The Bingeing Continues

Apparently, the yarn diet has gone completely out the window. There was that unfortunate lapse at the WailMart where I bought a whole sack of yarn for nearly nuttin. I can rationalize it well enough; fifty cents a skein is an outstanding price for yarn and will make for good gift knitting.

Now I’m working on a hat made from the Collinette Point 5 that the Husboy gifted me for his birthday, and I’ll need some size 11 dpn’s to finish the job. While I’m ordering something, a sweater stone would be nice too. Well, it turns out that KnitPicks is having a clearance on some of their color-ways, and it would be a shame to waste yarn money on postage, so why not pick up some more lace-weight on the cheap? And if I’m going to be in the Sock Stash Elimination Challenge starting next month, I’d best buy some sock yarn while I still can, eh?

I know why I’m yarn-binging all of a sudden; it’s the same reason I’m eating like a pig. I’m lonely without my HusBoy and hate being so far away from home all the time, not to mention that, if I’m making this sacrifice for a little extra money, a little bit of that should be towards something for me, right? Don’t bother making logical arguments about why this is bull-hockey, I know already. That knowledge has kept me from buying a mess of the Baby Tulip sweater kits for the at-least four babies riding around in three women at HusBoy’s work.

It’s not only the financial impact that gives me pause. I was thinking about it today, and I miss the yarn in my stash. I had a lovely plan for everything in it and, now, I can hardly remember what’s in there. It’s a shameful waste and it must stop. So, all you knitters that love me, go forth and shop so there won’t be anything left over for me to purchase. Thank you!

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