Saturday, October 06, 2007

There's That Dirty Feeling...

edit 10/07/07: Added pictures!

I have transversed the mountains and the desert twice this last week while we've been apart. A harrowing journey it was, including some MacGyver-style problem solving when my driver's side mirror fell off the side of my car on the freeway. Anyone who says knee-highs are useless can go play in the street as far as I'm concerned. Of course, a more permanent solution will have to be found before I do my transversing on Tuesday, but enough of that. Let's talk about the knitting!

Uhm, the knitting accomplished on this trip fell well below expected levels. I would love to point out factors such as the need for adjustment to the arid conditions and responsibilities of my new environment, or that the fitness equipment at the hotel was not operational during my stay. I could probably come up with a few more excuses, but I think we all know the root of the issue: I suddenly had cable. I know, I know, TV is the perfect background for knitting, but not if the knitter in question cannot keep from fiddling with the remote. The fact that I didn't even think to check for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart is perhaps the most disappointing part of this whole situation.

Now, don't get too upset with me, there was some knitting. I've knit my way through two of the twenty skeins of yarn that will eventually make up the DUCK sweater. I figure that's 10% so far; at this rate I should be able to weave in the ends and shove it in a bag before daylight on December 25th.

Now, if you'd like to be upset at me, you'd have to be able to see all the yarn I bought at W-Mart for fifty cents a ball.

I hate going to the pit of retail despair; in the locations I have been to are dirty, disorganized, and crammed full of people whose mothers were probably providing illegal services when they should have been teaching them how to act in public. I've also found that most of the staff in these stores are as rude if not ruder than the clientele, but after dating one of their employees for a few years and seeing how they are treated, I cannot really blame them unless their ire is pointed at me.

Now, before I am inundated with comments, emails, and flaming bags of dog-doo, let me say that I don't have anything against your W-Mart. I'm sure that your local store is the bestest place on Earth. I also don't have anything against you if you shop at W-Mart, unless you're shopping in the one near me; then we have things to discuss, you and I. And, for the love of Mike, button up your shirt! No one wants to see that.

I seem to have lost my point. Oh yes, I just don't like going there unless there is some sort of necessity, like my uncle-in-law asking me to knit my new cousin a scarf like Mary Poppins' for her Halloween costume and the car being out of commission (I'll drive 100 miles over four freeways with my pantyhose mirror support, but across town is out of the question). The fact that I walked out with a good thirteen balls of decent-grade yarn for fifty cents a pop is just good business, but I still feel dirty after the whole thing.

I know, I'm a snob, but I'm now an Etsy-lovin' snob! Ginny of GinPins sent me a lovely ceramic pendant with a blue tinge to it (I'll post pictures once I find the camera). She even worked with me so I would have the exact color and length of cort I wanted.

Kimberly of DragonLadyDesigns custom-made me some silver stitchmarkers which you can see below. I also picked up some more blue ones, why not?

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