Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Practically Portable In Every Way

Business trips are no fun. Well, they might be fun if one was travelling around doing fun things, but doing normal work things while living in a hotel room is not. Sure, it's an honor for a company to say "Hey, we need you and your considerable repitoire of talents in (insert location here) that we'll put you up in hotel and feed you," but one gets to missing their own husband and cat and bed after a while. Not to mention the joys of the internet and one's fellow knit-bloggers, of course.

So, when an ad proclaiming a sweet deal on a laptop and the realization that we still had a teeny bit of wedding money left came together, it led to the little bundle of joy I'm typing on to you as we speak. It is my new little 'puter that can come with me and allow me to spend all my free time surfing the internet and catching up on blogs. Of course, this addition to my technical arsenal will also allow me to go back to school and work on my bachelor's degree, but don't say anything, you'll ruin the frivilousness of the whole thing.

What, this is a knitting blog? You expect knitting content? Well, fine then: I finished my baby cousin's Mary Poppins Scarf last week while staying up waaaaay too late watching The Daily Show and staring in wonder at the little bottles of condiments the room-service folks sent up. Of course, I failed to take a picture of the scarf while I was home.... Maybe the Husboy would take one for us....

I'll email him and ask!

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