Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Houses in the Air

Southern California is burning. I am lucky enough to live in the city near the beach away from the fires, but from where I now spend my workweek I can see the smoke coming off the mountain across the valley and the sky is yellow from all the soot. The freeways have been opening and closing periodically; I barely got to my work location and would have stayed home if I had any better sense didn't have my unflagging sense of duty.

I caught myself complaining about the mucky air and the gathering ash on my car, then I realized that it is possible that the muck I am breathing and trying to wipe off my poor car used to be someone's home. If any of you have any money left after attempting to buy all the yarn in the world before I got to it, please consider donating to the Red Cross to help the people who have been evacuated and may already have no house to go home to.

I'll try to be funny and/or insightful tomorrow. Stay safe everyone!

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