Thursday, October 25, 2007

Go Away Husboy!!!

I am afraid that I underestimated how much the Husboy would miss me. This missing me has led to his reading of the blog, telling me he had read the blog when I mentioned that I had blogged about the fires, and my having to ask him how much he had read and to cut it out. Here's pretty much how it went:

Husboy: Why don't you want me to read your blog?
Me: It's nothing bad, I'd just rather you laid off the blog for now. I mean, do you really want to know who I'm sleeping with up here?
H: Jeez, what did you buy now?

Now, all of you have to be very proud of me here. I did not blow up at the Husboy. I did not spill the beans to the Husboy. I did not ask the Husboy where the hell he gets off accusing me of squandering our combined means. I'll admit that the shock of him getting this attitude gave me enough of a pause to gather my wits and use the excuse he just handed me.

Me: Hey, I worked for this money, I can spend a little of it if I want.
H: I'm just worried about getting a bunch of boxes delivered while I'm sleeping.
Me: Then the mail-chick can leave it at the door. They usually leave a notice; I'll pick it up over the weekend. Anyway, I only made one order, so there's only one box coming.
H: Oh, okay.
Me: I don't want anyone waking you up. You should print a sign to put on the door: F*%# off, I'm sleeping. And turn off your cellphone, for goodness sakes.

And so, crisis seems to have been averted, for now. I'd like to keep this all a delightful surprise, but I've already chased the poor man out of my knitting bag and my blog. He's becoming suspicious, and I'm not sure we're together enough for me to get away with keeping stuff from him.

I knew it was too soon for a sweater.
Tomorrow: Fanciwerks Yarn Shoppe review.

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MLO said...

Are you eavesdropping at my house? The only differences would be:
A.) No fires in MI.
B.) DH would not be sleeping, it would interrupt his workaholic self.