Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birthday Knitting

And, just so you don't all think I spend ALL my time hiding things from my husband and losing the ability to read simple knitting directions, I would like it known that the very next day (after much sleeping and apologizing on both sides), we slipped away to a magical birthday weekend for the HusBoy. After I escaped work on Sunday I met him and, uhm, our family for lunch at the Crab Pot. The restaurant, coincidentally, is directly down the road from the Alamitos Bay Yarn Company. I must point out that it was the HusBoy's idea to go check out the yarn shop, I just didn't object to hard. I even got a prezzie out of it.

Really, was I supposed to say no to clearance yarn? Especially when it will go with the Noro in the stash? Heaven forbid!

We then checked into a nice hotel in Anaheim and spent the rest of the day and the next carousing through the Magic Kingdom.

If you get the itch to go to Disneyland, I can't suggest a better time than a September weekday. The only ride we spent more than 20 minutes waiting for was the updated Submarine ride.

It was a good 20 minutes spent, I think. The Birthday-HusBoy pointed out that several of the bored children (and a few parents) were absolutely fascinated with the knitting. One little girl went so far as to ask how it worked. I explained that you used the one stick to pull a new loop through an old loop on the other stick (it was better with the visuals, honest) and that all the loops added onto each other like a spiral staircase. This seemed to satisfy her question, though she continued to stare at my progress throughout the line.

The ride was cute and I got some great pictures, but the most amazing thing was that the HusBoy told me that he loves it when I knit in lines at the park and knit in public in general because I'm doing something so impressive and that he loves watching me work the yarn.

Ain't I lucky?

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happy birthday!