Saturday, September 22, 2007


I was walking around work yesterday afternoon and, as is my custom, began to complain to anyone who I could corner in order to do so. In fact, the only unusual part of yesterday, other than the little bit of rain we got, was that I was complaining about my elbow instead of being tired or crabby. Upon my returning home from a hard day of whining, I completely forgot about my elbow and settled in with my hardcore vampire smut and the slowly materializing DUCK sweater.

I've been getting a lot done the last day or so, due in part to the fact that the smut I am currently reading is in hardback form and can be persuaded to lie flat and think of England while I multitask.

Unfortunately, all this (un)adulterated knitting left its mark as a throbbing in my right arm that I didn't really notice until I went out to go fetch the Husboy so he would not have to walk in the rain. So no knitting for the next few days while I wait for the heating pad, ice, and pain-relievers to do their magic. You'd think I'd be super-pissed, but I'm not. The Husboy and I have the next few days off together, so I wouldn't be able to DUCK anyway.

And I finished my book.

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Laiane said...

Love that "thinking of England" reference, and, yep, I got the allusion right away. I always thought it was from Queen Victoria to her niece on the niece's wedding night: "Close your eyes and think of England."