Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Recession?

I know that the world economy is slowly swirling towards the septic system right now, but I have to admit that I've been doing a little bit of shopping investing in my favorite hobby (next to beating the kitty, of course).

I was out of town and just this side of broke when The Loopy Ewe uploaded their new stock of Namaste bags, including the very desirable Laguna in the might-be limited Peacock colorway. I had missed it the first time it came around and had been holding off buying another bag because I had my sights set on this specific bag. I had also just made an order a few days before and was, as previously stated, just this side of broke. Did I let the opportunity slip by?

Heck no. There was no way I was going to be left in the dust by another gaggle of equally fashionable (no insult intended) knitters. It took some juggling, but I got it, and I have been extremely happy with it. My previous bag, the messenger bag from Namaste was just a little too clunky and the flap made it a pain to access when you're knitting on the run. This bag is easy access with lots of little pockets and zippered compartments and the color is to die for.

Of course, a few weeks later The Loopy Ewe had a 20% off sale on bags and selected yarns. I checked and, thankfully, my bag was already sold out. Nothing miffs me more than missing a great deal. To get over my almost anxiety attack, I used my newly acquired $25 loyalty credit and picked up some Farmhouse Yarns sock yarn in Chocolate, which was also on sale and looks good enough to eat.

I don't even want to talk about all the yarn I've been buying; the idea of photographing it all for Ravelry is laughable. The Husboy is absolutely no help. Even after telling him that one more skein of yarn in the house meant that we would have to rent a storage unit for him to sleep in, he still bought me a skein of Manos when we unexpectedly (honest!) found ourselves at Strands and Stitches in Laguna Beach. They had an excellent selection of knitting and cross-stitch supplies (for you poly-craftual folks), though I can't say I loved the sorting by color. Definitely worth a stop if you find yourself in that neck of the Pacific Coast Highway.

I am also still producing yarn, though I haven't taken any pictures of that either. I need to shake a leg; the shop opens in only a month and a half! I hope you all like lace-weight cashmere!

Let me distract you with my latest antique store find:

Stocking blockers! They're a little smaller than my feet and need some major sanding and a coat of varnish, but for $7 how could I refuse? I may pick up some more next week, though they looked a little huge... Maybe I'll paint them and do something fun with them?

Have to run; I need to fold laundry before heading out to Knit night. Be safe out there!


bluepupae said...

i have a weakness for bags too--more so than shoes. some great finds you had especially on the antique sock blockers!

Anonymous said...

Love the bag!!! the color too and had a look at stand and stitches and wow...I want to roll over in that gorgeous is the right term for that.

Stocking blockers....they're pretty. Can't find them over here, made my own sock blockers with a plastick place mat

Take care and have a great day

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Iam gretting my very first one for Christmas in peacock very excitted:)Hugs Darcy