Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hat Fancier

I don't know what it is, but this little knitter seems to be on a hat jag:

Button Cap & Wristlets, my own design. Yarn by See Jayne Knit

See that "my own design" above? That means I saw something similar on the Lime 'n' Violet Chum, was too lazy to look it up or knit a gauge swatch, so I farted around with the yarn until something worked.

TKGA Hand Knitters Level One Project. Cascade 220 in Mocha and Azure

I think I should just move into the Loopy Ewe's crawlspace; now that they have every Cascade 220 color imaginable I don't see any reason to leave...

Dream Swatch. Yarn unknown

Okay, not technically a hat, but still a head covering. Check out the hair!

Garbo Garden Hat from Lace Style. Louisa Harding Nautical Cotton

I knew I had all these stitch markers for a reason... Thankfully there is a millinery shop near the Husboy's work, so I can pick up the needed wire sometime next week.

Shedir from Knitty's Breast Cancer Special Edition. Alpaca/Silk blend yarn

Don't worry, I haven't completely gone over the edge. In fact, I just started a bag. Of course, the bag is solid bobbles...

Maybe you should worry.


Aunt Kathy said...

No worries, lol

I love it.

You sound really good too.

Naomi said...

Hooray for hair! (Am I the only one who thinks it really itches when it grows back?)
What yarn did you use for the hat?