Monday, November 24, 2008

Ghosts of Knitting Past

I am usually the first one to walk into any one of our many fine local retail establishments, take a look around the "holiday" section, and begin to spout obscenities. I normally do not see the need for Christmas lights right next to the jack-o-lanterns, and most years the premature shoving of Christmas cheer down my throat tends to make me a little crabby.

This year, on the other hand, I am ready. Bring on the eggnog!

What? You don't have a Chrismukkah tree decorated out of wee socks? Some knitters you are... (just kidding, I love all of you slackers).

Oh, and just as a reminder: there are only 27 days until Hanukkah and 30 days until Christmas. Block carefully people:

You may want to head over to Threadless's $5 sale instead of knitting. Won't you please think of the towels.


kadezmom said...

ROFL...oh the mistakes we make in haste! LOVE the wee sockies!

Naomi said...

We were so broke when we first married that we had a "Christmas Chair" that we draped garland around and piled the presents on, as we were unable to buy a tree.
This year, due to the baby's tendency to put all strange objects in her mouth, we are foregoing the tree in the interest of safety. I love the socks!