Monday, August 04, 2008

Delayed Reaction

Imagine, if you will, that you are alone in the middle of the desert building something. I dunno, a shed or an outhouse or something of that sort. You are holding up a bit of wall and are about to attach it to the rest of the structure when you feel a little tickle. You look down and notice an inexplicably irate scorpion seconds away from stinging your bare left foot. Without a thought, you pop the scorpion with your nail gun before it can harm you, then continue on building your outhouse or whatever.

A while later, as the sun is starting to set, you pack up for the day and notice the dead scorpion impaled by your nail. Only now do you realize how close you were to disaster, either by scorpion sting while alone in the middle of nowhere, nail through the foot while alone in the middle of nowhere, or a sad combination of the two. This further leads to your wondering how the swirls and eddies of your life landed you here, in the middle of the desert, building I-don't-know-what in your bare feet, yet miraculously armed with a battery-operated nail gun and decent aim.

Ladies and gents, I am so there. Now that the crisis is mostly behind me (and my hair is growing back, can't forget that), I am having a hard time figuring out how the heck I survived. Not only survived, but survived well and with sense of humor intact, none the less. I am not saying that I did not have any breakdowns, because I did have a few, and I'm not saying that I did it on my own, because I had a whole lot of support, but this bastion of strength is apparently very tired, because the whole ordeal seems impossible now. Yay for moving forward.

As part of the moving forward process, I have an announcement to make. Remember all that secret hush-hush stuff I teased about earlier? Well, I am opening an online yarn shop:

Everything is still in the early planning stages, but with any luck the shop should be ready to go once the doctor clears me to start making an honest living again. I will be giving sneak-peeks in the coming weeks, but right now I am spending a lot of time harvesting inventory, and you will not believe some of the fibers and colors I have come across! Once I do open up for business, there will be a sale for blog readers, so I do hope you will stop by. More details to come!

One thing I will be keeping hush-hush on this year is the holiday knitting. A few of the in-laws have found and been reading the blog, and while they are welcome, I don't want to be spoiling anyone's surprise (that's my fun, thank you). So if it seems like I've been working on my dad's socks (a holiday gift, but he doesn't read the blog) forever, you'll know why.


errs said...

How exciting!!!

I'm glad you're doing better and the hair is coming back.

And just an FYI, nail guns have a safety on them so you'd have to actually depress the gun on the scorpion to get it to fire a nail. But, I can totally see where you're coming from...

You don't actually go out to the desert to build things in your bare feet do you? ;)

Aunt Kathy said...

Get out of my head... lol... have you been having some of the same dreams as me??? LOL

Yes you have come through a long dark cold winter season and that little seed you were is now a beautiful flower.

I'll be watching for your store

Anonymous said...

That's so cool that you're going to open a shop!!
-your sp

Anonymous said...

I can totaly understand where you're coming from and I think you were very clever with impaling a scorpion with your nail. I would have run away ;-) but as I read it that wasn't on your mind ever, just kill that bugger was more the idea and you did it!!

I'm very curious to the shop and think it's a great idea what I read on that pic. I'll sure save me some money to empty your store in a flash... ;-) Hope you'll take paypal and send international otherwise I'm doomed.... :-D

And the same over here. I'm knitting for a friend of mine who's pregnant and yep..she reads my blog so what to do??? I'll put up some pics on my flickr account and when I do I'll tell in comments on other blogs so hopefully she won't find out.

Have a great day and thanks for the mails I recieve :-) Love getting mails ;-) No pressure though.... *evil grin*...
Take care.
valeria :-)