Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Earthquake Damage

There was a 5.4 earthquake late this morning. It felt like a strong rolling and the entire building swayed back and forth, but nothing fell and no one was hurt. Except for me:

Stinker was too freaked out to realize that her mummy was holding onto her while standing in the doorway for her own good and gave me a good clawing for my trouble, but what if the ceiling fan fell on her or something? We have since forgiven each other and life has gone mostly back to normal. Going to swap laundry now, be safe all.


Aunt Kathy said...

Oh man... and I was hoping for NO injuries from the quake, Stinker you are a stinker, LOL

Glad you are OK... I am a California girl so earthquakes don;t really scare me, but I am in NY now and let me tell you these Easterners are terrified.

Funny thing though... I have felt more tremors in NY then i ever remember in CA

valéria said...

No earthquakes over here but I'm sorry that you've such a crappy week with the elephant pox ?? (oh my god..didn't know that it existed???) and now this...please do take care and wishing you a great day when you wake up :-)

Valeria :-)

errs said...

Oh dear. I'm glad to see that you survived the earthquake relatively unscathed. (I'm still catching up on pre-vacation blog posts.)