Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wee Living

We live in a small apartment. I've lived in smaller places, but our one-room (not one bedroom, just one room) apartment can be a little tight at times. We make due remarkably well; our bookshelves serve double-duty as a wall for our office area, I opted to take out the murphy bed and use the area it was stored in as a second closet, and almost every piece of furniture in the place is used for storage. Even our refrigerator and microwave are smaller versions of their standard counterparts, which works out fine for the two of us unless we're cooking Thanksgiving dinner or some other large affair (we buy a frozen turkey and let it thaw out for a day or two in a cooler to save space for pies and whatnot).

Maybe that's why I'm so fond of wee socks:

Turtlemom (Ravelry) sent me this little gem as part of the June Wee Sock Swap.

I was looking at my stash and pondering my guilt over the size of my stash when it hit me. I'm not uptight about how much I've spent on yarn; I worked hard for every cent spent and have never put our roof/food/utilities in jeopardy. The problem is that my yarn stash takes up a lot of real estate in our tiny little quarters: one storage bin, one half of the toy chest/window seat that the HusBoy got me for my birthday, and two drawers of my nightstand are full of knitting/crocheting/crafting accoutrements. That is a lot of room taken up by my little hobby, especially when the HusBoy is leaving his swim trunks on the top of the dresser because he says he's run out of room for his clothes. All this and my various knitting bags and in-progress projects make for a lot of lost floor space. Now that we've invested in a larger bed, all this knitting stuff, stored on my side of the bed, also makes it hard for me to get in and out of bed without breaking my little neck. Am I going to change anything? Probably not, but it's kinda cool to get to the bottom of my neurosis.

Good news: my little genetic test came back negatory, so my surgery will be minimally invasive instead of completely and totally invasive. I am still having the mastectomy and they will still have to pop out some lymph nodes, but I will be keeping the left breast and my ovaries, yay! Surgery may be as early as Wednesday, I will keep y'all posted, promise!


trek said...

Hooray for the ovaries!

errs said...

Hurray for keeping the ovaries!!! Hurray for keeping the left boob!

Isn't there more room to hide stuff under the bigger bed????

throwslikeagirl74 said...

Awesome news! I know I've been a little AWOL but you should know you're always in my thoughts. :) Taxol is kicking my butt a little less then the AC did. (I wonder if non cancer people think I'm complaining about air conditioning?) *grins*

Aunt Kathy said...

Wow what great news, and what a small apartment, lol.

We have a house, but being disabled i spend most of the time in the living room where my bed and all my yarn stash is, not a pretty sight.

valeria1966 said...

Ah...some good news in this hectic time :-) and oh my it's going quickly now isn't it??? But the sooner the better and then up to go to recover!! That's the way girl :-) And a deep bow to you for keeping up the spirit and I loved to read your story about how you live. I'm blessed to live in a small house but still it's big enough to have a crafting room on the attic and room for stash and some spinning wheels. Reading your story makes me apreciating of my own space.

Big hug.
Valeria :-)