Monday, June 09, 2008

Have-To Knitting

Everything happens for a reason, and though the sudden loss of my surgeons to bureaucratic bull-hockey freaked me out, I could not be happier my new surgeon. As the HusBoy put it, he wore shoes, didn't answer his cell phone in the middle of our consultation, and made sure I understood what he was talking about. He was also very enthusiastic about making sure that I come out of this in the best health possible and the entire staff was very nice. I meet with my new plastic surgeon today, and depending on how healthy the surgeon thinks I am and the results of my genetic BRAC test (which I should hopefully get tomorrow), I will be in surgery either June 18 or July 9.

I will be happy with either date, but I am leaning towards July 9, not only because I will be healthier and have more time to prepare, but I will have more time to get this done:

I have finished ten repeats of this beautiful shawl, and I am reaaaaally tired of working on it. Not that it's not a lovely pattern, because it is. It is essentially two rows with very small differentiations that make the knitting fast and very nearly mindless. I just want to work on something else, but I need to get this done before I go into surgery so it will be ready for the county fair submission deadline next month. I am thinking two more repeats will do it.

I am also working on a pair of socks for a friend that I promised her years ago. Again, lovely pattern, pretty quick knit, but I don't want work on it because I "have to". Instead, I've been plotting and planning my next projects and doing housework, of all things. Speaking of which, I am supposed to be doing laundry before my doctor's appointment (gives me a chance to felt some bags as well).


errs said...

The shawl is beautiful. I also think you underestimate your ability to finish in a short amount of time. If you get the June 18th date -- you'll be up thinking and worrying, so you'll have plenty of time to knit.

I'm glad that you've got a new surgeon and you're very happy with him. :D

Heatherly said...

mom's dr looked 20,maybe, but was so knowldegable, and did an amazing job. being able to trust your Dr makes all the difference!

her anesthesia guy however, i was not happy with. the teal coloured stuff they give you before surgery so you dont puke very important! especially if you are sensitive to anesthesia.

remind husboy to call me.
you gots all my didgits :0)

valeria1966 said...

what a gorgeous shawl, I'm glad that you found another surgeon. I wonder about how health insurences work sometimes because we don't have those issues over here in holland. So it's just great that you feel good about him and as I read it it's a nice person who takes this as serious as it is.

How are you feeling???
Take care,