Friday, June 13, 2008


The SP12 hostesses have posed a weekly question, and since I am up at, uhm, 3:30 this morning (not my idea, I assure you), I actually found it and have an answer:

Sun Tea.

My grandmother used to put a big jar of water and tea bags out on the patio at her house and let the tea bake in the sun for a few hours. I don't know why it tastes better than regular iced tea, but it totally does. I don't have a patio here, but I still make herbal iced tea using four bags of fruit iced tea and two bags of this health tea that the Yarn Yenta sent me to help make me feel better. It really balances out the fruitiness of the other tea bags as well. We have been alternating between peach and blackberry teas, but I'm almost out of peach, so who knows what I'll pick up at Trader Joe's next? Actually it might be Whole Foods since they carry the soy sour cream I covet (it's a little too thick though, fair warning). I am so spoiled!

In knitting news, I had to pull the shawl back to the lifeline again (too much knitting while tired, wonder why?), but while it was off the needles I checked the size and we're looking good. I would have just started the binding-off process right there, but I put my lifeline two rows into the repeat, so it's pull back two rows (eek!) or soldier forward and finish one last repeat. I think you know the plan.


errs said...

I vaguely remember having sun tea once. I wish I could figure out how to make iced tea that didn't taste like burnt wood. :(

I'm glad that you're going to finish the repeat before binding off. Maybe you should cast on a washcloth or something for those am knitting jags.

trek said...

Sorry about the ripping!

Rest. Nap. Drink plenty of fluids.