Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Knitter's Will

I was on the phone this morning with a RN from the insurance company trying to get my coverage straight before I meet my new surgeon tomorrow (things should be all set). She asked me a series of involved and very personal questions, and the only one that she hesitated to ask was if I had a living will. I don't, but I will have one set up before I go into surgery, no worries. My philosopy on the matter is, if they can't fix me, just let me go. Of course, if they can fix me then get to work, but there you go.

Then I started wondering what would happen to me if I didn't make it. The money stuff is already taken care of, set up before one of my cross-country airplane rides for work. Really all that would be left to care for is all my knitting paraphanalia. So today, I set up a Knitter's Will, stating where all my books and yarn and notions should go if I cannot collect them. I'm not going to go into the specifics; I don't want you all arguing about who I love more and whispering about who got cut out of the will after our last stitch 'n' bitch.

Boy, this is morbid. We need a distraction...

The Yarn Yenta not only knit these gorgeous socks for me (Shushan Socks on Ravelry), she designed the pattern in my honor. I have the bestest fairy yenta in the whole world!


Heatherly said...

hurray! i hope they actually fit.
it was my first time using chewy spaghetti's yarn and it was so nice to knit with :0)

love ya!

Aunt Kathy said...

Nice socks... ooh yarn made from spaghetti now there's a thought to chew on

errs said...

Gorgeous socks...

Glad you're going to get a living will. Its morbid but it does take a lot of pressure off of your family. Which reminds me, I should probably update mine -- I think it still has my ex husband as my beneficiary and caretaker. I so don't think that's appropriate anymore.

And it is a weird coincidence that I was thinking of what would happen to my stash and stuff if I died just this morning. Weird no?

Anonymous said...

What to say, reading the title of your journal entry shocked me a little bit like huh?? what??? no!!! not yet...don't.

Rather stick my head in the sand and pretend that you're going to be ok soon after all this is over and then you just knit all your stash and since that will take about ehm....200 years?? ;-) just do that becka.

Realistic?? You're right and have every right to speak about it on your blog and you have no help or support from my comment so just let me rant a small bit and I hope/pray that your knitters will will stay in it's box and collect dust for a very very long time ok? :-)