Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Sorry about not posting this sooner; the insurance company cancelled my surgery and I've been scrambling trying to find a new surgeon and get things running again.

Without further ado:

Thanks to everyone who knitted in this year's Boobie-Palooza!

KT120 (Ravelry only) - Donated the big green boob
WannaGarden (Ravelry only) - Stonechat & Cookie Monster Boob
Valeria - So many boobies with little rosette nipples
KEJReeves (she's on etsy!) - Big pink buffy boob
Peanut's Mommy - The most life-like boob
FarmGroupie (Ravelry only) - The pinky-pink boob and organizer of the Malabrigo May tit-bit-athon
ZZWhiteJD - the nipple's on her nose!

If I've forgotten anyone, I owe you some chili-fries.


errs said...

The insurance company cancelled your surgery? Okay -- who do I send the mastiffs afer?

Adorable booblets. I feel like a boob - I didn't get any done. :(

MLJ1954 said...

Insurnace companies are like the bottom of the bottom feeders. What total twits!!! Send them a boobie with your next insurance premium.

I assume it is because your surgeon is not on their preferred provider list. You can probably appeal it but, frankly, it is faster and healthier and less stressful to find a new surgeon. Your old surgeon can be very instrumental in getting you to where you need to be.

Heatherly said...

i got a bday pressie in the mail!
i love it!