Thursday, June 26, 2008


The United States Postal Service has been holding my happiness hostage. My normal mail carrier is a delightful woman and has made a point of bringing my packages to my door and talking to me a little bit since I have been home ill. Unfortunately, when she takes her well-deserved days off and vacations, her stand-ins do not bother to buzz my apartment and either leave a note telling me to claim my package at the post office or don't do anything at all. Two weeks later I may receive a FINAL NOTICE slip informing me that my package will be sent back in three days if I don't get my butt down there and fetch it.

This, understandably, pisses me the hell off. It's not like I'm gallivanting around the town meeting and greeting and enjoying myself. I'm usually home, generally sick and hurty, and need the incoming packages to keep my little spirits up.

Like this last week. The lace blocking kit I ordered from Knit Picks came in on Wednesday, and since I was in surgery and unable to sign for it, a little note was left specifying that a white tube from Artist's Connection was awaiting me at my local post office. So far, so good. The HusBoy offered to do the fetching for me, then procrastinated until Monday. Irritating, but since I was still working on the shawl I needed the wires for, still good. He came back from the post office on Monday with a fair-sized box from Naomi from Knits In Church.

This was a fabulous box. It contained a bit of hand-spun silk, a hat made from the same that fits my head like a dream and is uncommonly comfortable. It also contained yummy dried pineapple and something for someone, maybe you:

Yes, this is a huge hank of Corridale roving hand-dyed purple as well as a hand-made lace-weight spindle. Folks, if I wouldn't feel entirely guilty about nabbing something that was supposed to be a prize for the Knit-Tit-Along (I forgot all about it, and everyone who participated got something anyhoo) I would seriously consider giving spinning another whirl (get it, whirl?) and take this for my own. I haven't figured out how to use this for the greatest good yet, but I'll think of something.

Back to the hostage situation. Problem was, this faboo box was not the package the HusBoy was supposed to bring home. The box from Naomi had a scribble on it stating that we had been given a notice early last week, but we had not. I called the post office to let them know what happened and see if I could dispatch the HusBoy to get my blocking wires. The guy who answered said that he was sure that I had been given everything I was supposed to get. I reiterated the situation, pointing out that the notice they had been given specified that we were to receive a white tube, and we had gotten an envelope box. The guy then said that it may have happened that way, but that the clerks would not search for my package unless I had the delivery notice that we had already provided.

Thankfully, the HusBoy ran into the bestest mail carrier ever and explained what had happened. She brought my blocking wires the next day. That way, I could finally turn this:

Into this:

Yes, the Beaded Diamond Fantasy Shawl is finally completed! Knit on US6 (4.25mm) straight needles from Lorna's Lace Helen's Lace in the Tahoe colorway that I picked up during an Alamitos Bay Yarn Company anniversary sale three years ago. Wet-blocked after washing in citrus Soak and pinned out on the new bed, though it was towelled well enough that it won't void the warranty. It is probably already dried, everywhere except where Stinker is sleeping on it.

I want to apologize to everyone for last post's pity party and thank you all for being so encouraging. I'm still getting used to this no hair no boob sort of thing and there are bound to be some setbacks along the way. I think my great-fairy-god-yenta said it best: remember someday he (the HusBoy) will be bald and instead of you having breasts, he will have them and YOU will love him just the same too! The HusBoy whole-hearted agrees.

I am happy to report that my pathology report came back with clean margins and only teeny-tiny tumors left over from chemo, so I am probably all clear at this point, but we will still at least microwave me, just to be sure. I am also proud to report that I have a quarter-inch long hair on the back of my head (according to the HusBoy, I can't see it myself).

The posts just keep getting longer, don't they? I'll have another one out this weekend; we'll catch up eventually.


errs said...

I swear the post office just sucks. They just leave my packags around my stoop. They don't even bother to make sure it is under some sort of cover if it rains. And I don't think we have a regular mail carrier -- or if we do, he/she is terrified of the dogs. You can tell just how scared they are by how far the package is from the door.

The shawl is gorgeous.
Hurray for a great pathology report!

throwslikeagirl74 said...

Beautiful shawl! and a big Hooray for good path report! You officially have more real hair than me, tho I have been told I'm now resembling an ostrich. Yippee.

valéria said...

Hi Becka,

congrats with the good report and some microwave?? Does that mean that you're half done already??? ;-).

I think you should keep the spindle and roving to yourself and you totaly deserve it.

And over here post is good but very expensive as you've read. I'm very sorry that they suck in the place you live.

Oh and what a pretty!! pretty!!! shawl. It's lovely.
Take care and big hugs.

ponyknit said...

I've had my own war's with the post office. Totally understand.
Lovely shawl!!!

trek said...

Lovely shawl.
Mean USPS.

Heatherly said...

ROFL! did i say that? see what happens when you type late at night?

bubbebobbie said...

I like being the Great Fairy God Yenta almost as much as being a Bubbe! I do hope you are feeling our love and prayers. They may be being sent up as SMOKE Rings but they are being sent up!

Because of Jesus,Bobbie