Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update: Now With Pictures!

Before I left home the HusBoy and I went out and bought a brand new mattress in anticipation of my surgery and needing to sleep on either side of the bed without falling out. I came home last night to a bed that is taller than my dresser and requires that I step up on the chest at the foot of the bed to get into it. It is an incredibly comfortable bed, but I feel like I am in the Princess and the Pea. I would be one of the peasant girls that gets sent home, because I slept like a rock.

Want to see what I've been up to?

Becka Vog's On: Done
I'm so happy I finally finished a pair of socks for myself! Me me me me me!

Panda Cotton Shorty Socks: Half-Done

These are for my grandmother who will be visiting next week. I'd better get a move on the second sock...

Beaded Diamond Fantasy Shawl: Getting There

I have making some serious progress on this shawl in the last few weeks. It is now at scarf size, but I'd really like to use up the yarn and go for full shawl status. I'm hoping to get this done in time to submit it to the county fair... Do you think it's worthy?

Circular Stockinette Scarf: Just Started

I love this little scarf. 60 stitches around and around and around, no thinking required. It is perfect for car rides, television watching, and right before you go in to a scary doctor's appointment.

Speaking of scary doctor's appointments, yesterday I met my plastic surgeon. He has Dad and HusBoy's stamp of approval, so I should be getting a surgery date soon. The best part? I'm just fat enough that my little pot belly is the right size to replace my soon-to-be-missing bosom. Just another example of small favors...


errs said...

Oh bummer -- I was gonna offer you some of my excess boobage. (I'd offer you my hair, but seriously its thin and I need to keep what I've got.)

Make sure that you like your plastic surgeon and you agree with what he wants to do. And don't be surprised when on the date of your "replacement" surgery, they draw lines on you and take all sorts of measurements. It is a little strange.

And you'd better enter that shawl in the fair. It is beautiful!!!

Aunt Kathy said...

I need a new mattress, mine has springs popping thru like straight needles puncturing me as I sleep.
sigh I am glad to hear you got a nice comfy bed.

What yarn did you use for your me me me socks? They look great

valéria said...

Hi becka,

Just lovely socks and sure the shawl must be in the fair, i heard it saying "if you don't I'll be sooo disappointed that I'll won't block right anymore" so be warned ;-)

Great that you slept so good,

Good luck with the scary doctors appointments.

Big hug.
Take care,
valeria :-)

Heatherly said...

great job on the socks!
i chopped 13" of my hair and am lock of loving it in your honour.

slobbery sock kisses coming your way!

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

The shawl is gorgeous enter it:)Hugs Darcy