Friday, May 16, 2008

Mine Mine Mine

For a while now I've been knitting things for myself that end up going other places. The Reptilian Lace Socks that went to my Quilting Aunt, the Raspberry Sorbet socks that went to my dad's fiance. Now I'm making these plain vanilla socks for my grandmother to give her when she visits early next month and you know what? I want to keep them.

I wish I could post a picture right now (I will later, promise), but the colors are combining in such a way that it looks like camouflage. If you were trying to hide in a winery. The yarn is Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Cotton Print in Chocolate Almond, and if all cotton yarn is this easy on the hands then I have been lied to. I imagine the bamboo makes a huge difference, so I won't vetch too much. The sock in question is knitting up very quickly and should be done in plenty of time to hide from my grandmother, except that the much-neglected Beaded Diamond Fantasy shawl has been making unexpected appearances in the line-up and absorbing some much-needed knitting time.

I was thinking of joining Summer of the Stash 2008, but I've already joined Secret Pal 12, and having someone else send you goodies is just as stash-filling as buying it yourself. I know I'll be in surgery and recovering from surgery and undergoing microwaving (also known as radiation treatments) during the exchange, but I figure I could use the boost during the trying times ahead. Anyway, if I'm simply unable to put something together to send myself I know lots of folks on Etsy who can help me out, right?

And to everyone who left such lovely comments on the last post, Dad is taking excellent care of me and probably would even if I was 80 and feeling under the weather. He appreciates your support!


trek said...

Relax and knit what makes you feel good!

Naomi said...

I'm trying to knit more stuff for myself, but the husband wants me to finish his birthday 2006 sweater before his birthday in 2016 comes around.