Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Going-To-Do List

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. Apparently this is "normal" when you're this close and yet sooooo far from the end of chemo, but I'm tired of hearing that all the horrible things that are going on are "normal". This, too, is normal. So, instead of letting myself obsess about how badly my lace shawl of a life is looking right now, I'm trying to think of how it will be once treatment is all over and my life can be "blocked" into the beautiful shape that it is meant to be.

Towards that purpose, here are my Top 5 Once I Get Well things to do:

  1. Lose Some Weight - Now, I know what you're thinking. We're trying to be all positive and I start with that tired old line? I can say with a certain amount of clarity that I have never been and will never anything but a Big Girl, but I've swollen up considerably during treatment and would like to start out not aching and wondering if I have anything to wear out that fits. As soon as I can be more active I am going to (I even got a new bellydance dvd in anticipation of my astounding recovery).
  2. Get Out More - I like to go camping. I like to take trips in the car and go to museums. I like hiking and b&b's. Why we didn't do more of this sort of thing before I got sick, I'm not sure, but we're going to do it now. Look forward to more pictures of socks on-the-trail once I'm able to get out again.
  3. Meet More Knitters - I've gone to a few knitting events in the area, but I've always been a bit shy and never talked to anyone. Nuts to that. I'm going to Stitches West this year and whoop it up, hope you'll be able to join me.
  4. Watch Less Television - If I watch another episode of Family Guy I swear I am going to lose my stitch-picking mind.
  5. Be A Better Blogger - My blogging has been, well, sporadic in quantity and quality over the last few years. This isn't how I wanted it to be; I wanted to be one of those bloggers who pours themselves out onto the page and demonstrates decent story-telling ability as well as the latest sock heel. I'll never get a book-deal at this rate...

Dad's telling me that it's nap-time again (would someone tell him that I'm damn-near thirty?), so I'd better go. The Knit-Tit-Along is still in full swing, let's see some pictures!


Heatherly said...

my new house is in a no tv zone, so i get to do less TV too. but christian slater is gonna be on TV now, i am gonna have to find someone to tap that for me :0)

blogging- there will be no DSL at the house. this is very sad.
but tues and fridays i will visit mom and use her wireless ;0)

out more- i am gonna live in the woods! it is so omuch fun! and instead of 115 in summer it will be 90's, so i will want to go outside.

weight- could some one please regulate my thyroid and give me a chance?!

meet more: absolutely! lets be brave and loud and laugh at stitches!!!
unless you think we will totally hate eachother IRL
but i highly doubt that!

valéria said...

Always good to have a list the only thing is about list that when you put it in writing you somehow feel obligated to do them. That's why I keep it mostly in my head and try not to speak about it that I've those lists too ;-)

To dad: beca is near thirty she's a big girl but off the record?? I totaly agree, take care of her and spoil her!!! Don't let her hear that but will she?? She's too busy with her list ;-)

Anonymous said...

Becka~Good for you that you have made a list, made some goals and I pray that you achieve you hearts desires, whether you speak of them or they stay buried deep inside of you. As a mother of a nearly thirty year old, please, just let dad be dad. He knows how old his beautiful daughter is and he sees her pain. My heart cries out for all your family and I am very hopeful too! Blessings to you.

kadezmom said...

God bless ya Becka, we all could take a good look at your list and learn a lot. I love ya, and I don't even know ya, but I woke up with a similiar realization not to long ago, and can I tell you that life has been a blast ever since.