Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Beads Smell Like Ketchup

I swear if I have one more sweaty hot-flash I am going to lose my little chemo-brain. My nightly ritual of throwing the blankets off and then grasping and cocooning myself inside of them is causing a weather system in my apartment that is probably good for the plants, but ugh, the humidity!

This sort of metabolic behavior is what I blame for my dropping so many stitches on the Beaded Diamond Fantasy shawl I've been slaving over. Saturday, right before we were supposed to leave for an impromptu taco night at a friend's house, disaster struck and I dropped two stitches, which of course promptly wiggled their way down to the yarn over from whence they sprung. I then spent twenty infuriating minutes trying to get the stitches back up to the needle, but I just could not get it together and ended up frogging sixteen rows back to the lifeline. The tangled mess of yarn that ensued represented three days of knitting and I don't even want to think about how many stitches, but it was worth it to not have a big wonky hole in my masterpiece shawl.

Thank goodness for lifelines! I have been putting in a lifeline every row #37, and the thought of having to toss the entire shawl made it much easier to yank out those paltry sixteen rows. I have dropped a stitch or two in reknitting what I lost, but so far I have been able to do tiny crochet-hook surgery to pull them back up.

And, yes, my beads smell like ketchup. I love these tiny little condiment bottles; if you get anything from me you may find a little jar of mayo snuggled in there.

In other news, I popped over to the yarn shop to pick up our tickets for Stitch 'n' Pitch next week, and as I was popping out Lime 'n' Violet on the iPod, Kevin 'n' Bean were talking smack about the aforementioned event. Hey, at least the knitters got some airtime, huh? Yeah, I'm peeved too, but I think they were promoting an interview on the air tomorrow. Anyone listen to them?

I have good news: my last chemo treatment is tomorrow, yay! Surgery is scheduled for June 23, so I get an extra week of recovery beforehand, so I'm planning a booby bon voyage bbq for the afternoon before. Who doesn't like cupcakes with gumdrops on top?


Heatherly said...

1 that's my bday.
2- its midsummers day. so you could be having some crazy dreams! and that isnt even the anesthia part of it!

i will be thinking about you all day!
will husboy post afterwards so we know you are ok? if not, take my digits to the hospital!

trek said...

Thank goodness for lifelines and cupcakes.

Aunt Kathy said...

Yes the inventor of the lifeline was a genius. That shawl will be beautiful

Enjoy that bon voyage BBG

Georgi said...

I love those little condiment jars too, and I save them whenever I can get them :-) Who cares if the beads smell like ketchup. :-)

Brooke Knits said...

HI, I am one of Heather's friends! Love the knitting. I'll be thinkin about you and sending prayers to you and yours every day.. and for your doctors too - wisdom, steady hand.. etc. Knit the dr. a pair of socsk before surgery, he/she will be impressed - LOL..hugs to you.