Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Holy Crap It's Noro!

Wow, you guys really like chicken! The Random Chicken had the same effect on me when I first saw it crossing a rather busy street (which was experiencing a lull, thank goodness).

Remember my quilting aunt that I talked about just a few days ago? She sent me a package while I was out of town, and the post office had decided to hold it hostage until I came down and picked it up. I bring this big envelope full of bulky I-dunno-what home, break out the scissors, open up the Tyvek and exclaim: "Holy crap, she sent me Noro".

My auntie loves me more than yours does. She sent me more stuff too:

And a copy of One Skein. Booyah!

I also got my yarn and stitch markers from See Jayne Knit Yarns:

Stinker became slightly more famous today:

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


errs said...

What an awesome gift! (Though, I worry about you Noro knitters -- the addiction...)

And I love sticker's picture. I can just imagine it in real life. LOL

You're sounding rather chipper and alert. I guess the napping and bacon did you good.

kadezmom said...

Love that yarn!

I've got some silk garden lite noro that I *might* be talked into trading if you find you need a cheap(er) fix!