Saturday, April 12, 2008

Peer Review

I got the cutest email from my quilting auntie, recipient of the Reptilian Lace Socks, and had to share (names changed to protect, well, everyone):

Hi Becka,

How's it going?

I was in the fabric shop in Arcata the other day and the lady, D,
behind the counter was knitting lime green socks. I told her about the
socks you had made for S and me and told her that mine had beads in them....she was dumbfounded. So, I took them in yesterday and left them for her to see with a note on them about who they belonged to . Then, this morning, I went in to pick them up. Every lady in the place, it's half fabric, half yarn, was oohing and awwing over them. They all want you to be their niece and if you came up, they would probably try to get you to teach a class. They loved the yarn and pattern you used for S's also, the orange and yellow variegated. Then they all, these women are dangerous in mass, got on be about having to wear them. Even though I feel so unworthy, they insist that I put them on my somewhat football shaped feet. Ha-ha. so now, I'm looking for an occasion, other than work, that I can wear them for. Special something.

I just wanted to let you know, they don't even know you and
everybody up here in the fabric shop loves you. Bye for now sweetie,
love aunt q

Nothing like a room full of knitters to make you feel appreciated, even from hundreds of miles away. Now I have to get the matching Beaded Diamond Fantasy Shawl done and really wow them!

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KnelleyBelley said...

What a lovely letter! I'd never seen those socks before. So cool with the beads. I'll have to add them to my ever-lengthening queue.