Tuesday, April 15, 2008

she sheds *a lot*

A while back I took Stinker for a "day of beauty" at the local LaunderPet because she had somehow contracted itchy bugs (we blame the HusBoy). As I'm picking her up the "stylist" mentioned that another customer brought in a cat of the same breed for biweekly desheddings. I, excited to learn anything about my little orphan kitty, asked if she knew what the breed was. "No," was her reply. "I just know that they shed a lot."

This morning as I was using her Holiday prezzie to remove a cubic ton of fur from her little cat person, it occurred to me that, try as I might, I cannot guarantee that the stash is fur-free. Hell, I can't even guarantee that the jar of pickles in the pantry is fur-free. That being said, if I'm sending you something (like a prize or a trade or what-not) and kitty is one of your allergies, please for the love of Benedryl let me know. I'd rather figure out a new plan of action than be the cause of anyone turning blue and falling over.

Stinker also would like to avoid making anyone turn blue and fall over, but she likes knowing that she can.


kadezmom said...

If you find a way to keep this lovely pets shed-free or at least shed less......let me know. My three cats and my dog keep me in perpetual pet dander/hair fogs.

errs said...

Now, I've got a couple of dogs and 1 cat, but we do manage to keep the hair out of the pickle jar. I think. ;)

I happen to think breathing easily is overrated. I'm already allergic to dogs & cats, so what's a few more hairs. ;)

And I did fall over when I got your package, but it was because of the awesomeness, not fur. Though I now understand why the dogs were soooo interested in stuff.