Friday, March 21, 2008


I'm not quite sure how this all came about, but I have suddenly moved out of a hoarding-like-mad phase in my stash-management to a get-'em-up-move-'em-out phase. I want all of this yarn gone, out of my stash and off my conscience, ASAP.
Here's the thing though. Excepting the few balls of acrylic I gifted to my mother-in-law and a few skeins of sock yarn I have offered up to various give-aways and what-not, I don't want to destash by sending the yarn away. I want to knit all the yarn out of the stash, now now now now now. This effort has been somewhat hampered by my busy lifestyle of napping and eating, but the stash is being busted slowly but surely:

Yarn cost: $2.00. Getting said yarn out of the stash: Priceless. Haven sheds like Stinker in Spring; it may be the alpaca trying to escape the mostly acrylic content. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the other four skeins.

Snails and Slugs (Snail Version), Leftovers of Koigu KPPPM P814 and Mountain Colors Bearfoot, Juniper

This cute little stash-busting buddy from Mochimochi Land used up the very last of the never-ending Juniper I used for the HusBoy's Cable-Ribbed socks two Christmas' ago.

Stinker attacked it as soon as it was off the needles, but lost interest as soon as we grabbed the camera.

Feather and Fan Socks, Hill Country Yarns Sweet Feet, Raspberry Sorbet.

These socks aren't quite done, but I can tell that, once again, they're not for me. I've been starting all these socks and, by the end, I'm handing them off to someone else. No one's asking for them or holding a set of dpn's to my head, it's just this vibe that I'm getting. These are either for my visiting half-sister or Dad's girlfriend; only time will tell.

As for Stinker, she's just happy that Spring has sprung. May the shedding begin!

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