Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mail Call!

Making the transition to being gone most of the time and only coming home on weekends to being cooped up the the apartment all the freekin' time has been, well, a struggle. I have become remarkably dependant on the mail for fun and excitement, and, thanks in part to Etsy, I have not been too lacking in that department. Of course, Etsy can become quite an expensive habit, and it's always more fun when it's a surprise.

Case in point: look what the Yarn Yenta sent me:

Lots of yummy and tummy-soothing ginger goodies, a lovely hand-knit cloth from the lovely Tirzah. I'm thinking of a scarf out of the brightly colored yarn. What you can't see in the box is four boxes of Thin Mints which have mysteriously become three boxes overnight. I may have been partially (okay, primarily) responsible for the mystery, but dagnabit, I wanted cookies. All in all, totally worth putting pants on for.

Knit Picks was also kind enough to send me some mail yesterday: replacement cords for the one that pulled apart last month.

Things moved along very quickly once they responded to my initial email; they seem to have quite a backlog in online customer service, but I was willing to wait the couple weeks until they got around to me. It was absolutely no hassle, all they wanted to know was which size I needed replaced. All in all, good experience!

In the pursuit of more mail that doesn't involve PayPal, the Yarn Yenta gifted me with one more thing; the gift of Swap:

A teeny sock, a notecard, and a little bit of love is all it takes folks. Sign up before Thursday though, or you'll miss out on all the fun!

And since Stinker is not feeling all that photogenic today (we both have runny noses), I leave you with a picture of the in-progress Kyoto Clapotis made from my honeymoon yarn.

I won't wax poetic about it too long, but I'm absolutely loving the yarn and the pattern. I'm just hoping I can get it done before our first anniversary next month.

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errs said...

Wow -- what great gifties. :D

It is so sweet of you to think of me. I'm around but BUSY! -- we got new people in the department who are clueless and of course I got stuck mentoring the person in Slovakia. I'm also trying to get my website up and running -- do you realize how many different places one can keep digital pictures? Between the dogs and the knitting, I can't find anything to give to the lady designing my site. I keep my sanity over in Ravelry -- come visit... :D