Friday, February 29, 2008


Nope, not me. I may be bald, but I'm mostly okay with it (thank goodness for woolen caps).
This is what's broken:

The connector tip on my Options cable fell off whilst I was doing some stash-bustin' and making all my Wool of the Andes leftovers into a bad ass Booga Bag, as seen below. I can understand if the cord fell into disrepair as I was using it to strangle the neighbor upstairs who somehow feels it necessary to play the same song over and over and over loud enough that we can all enjoy it, but this was not the case. I've sent an email to the Knit Picks customer service folks; I'll let y'all know what their response is.

I am falling more and more in love with knitting
Booga Bags every day. This one is being made with the leftover WoTA that I've been collecting over the years, knit using a Fibonacci sequence of sorts. So far I have 13-Chocolate, 8-Hush, 5-Arctic Pool Heather, 3-Coal, 2-Artic Pool Heather, 1-Hush, 2-Chocolate, 3-Hush, 5-Arctic Pool Heather, 8-Chocolate, 13-Coal... I'll have to see how the colors hold up to figure out the rest of the sequence.

Oh, and I got my
Loopy Ewe order of birthday goodies!

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK - Mariner's Compass
This was in the Specials section; sale prices on exclusive colorways? Sign me up!

Malabrigo Lace - Cypress

I have been wanting some Malabrigo for I can't tell you how long, and, even though I need more lace weight like I need a swift kick in the head, for six bucks I could not resist. Anyway, this and my latest Knit Picks order (which should arrive tomorrow or Monday) represent the last of the yarn purchases until I can get my stash back in it's little storage area. Well, except for the sweater yarn, of course. That would be madness. Madness, I tells ya!

Why the sudden change from yarn splurging to yarn dieting? I've decided that Stitches West 2009 is in my future, and I have to make financial and physical room for all the pretties I will be shipping home because they won't fit in my luggage. It gives me a definite quest and reward for making it through all these treatments with my knitting mojo intact.

And, finally, a cute, random kitty moment:

The flash makes her look like we've been torturing her for days, but check out the claws on my baby! She's definitely a fan of the
Mountain Colors Barefoot sock yarn.


Anonymous said...

I've had wonderful experiences with knitpicks customer service. They usually send a new one right out. If you don't get an email response, I'd call them. Super nice people.

Heatherly said...

KP always replaced the duds i had. so i hope they will do good for you.

i am absolutely going to sts next year! promise to meet me?


J.P. said...

OMG.. I love the colors you chose for your booga bag! The combo is great!

I am sure that KP will send replacements out right away. Their customer service dept is great and has replaced several things for me.

errs said...

It is interesting that we have the same WotA colors -- I have Hush & Artic Pool. I have a ton of other colors because someday I will make the fishy blanket.

I hope that KP replaces the needles. I still haven't taken the KP needle plunge.

I love all the lovely stuff you got on your splurge -- you have thing for blue, eh?

And come to Stitches Midwest. :D

Michelle said...

I'm a Malabrigo addict. When I'm desperate, I trek up to Austin to get my fix. Also, KP is really good about replacing busted stuff.

I found your Ravelry profile--and by extension, blog--when I did a search for my mom's LYS, Fanciwerks. I grew up in Hesperia but moved here to San Antonio. Nice blog!

kniteurope said...

I found your blog via Ravelry and the L&V group. I saw an all too familiar picture and had to come see. I had 2 of my KP options cables do the same thing after only minimal use (I got them for Christmas this year and both were still on project#1). I called their CS and though they first suggested just trying to glue it together with Gorilla Glue (*cough*... that would be a smooth join), when I told them I had tried to get the end back on and couldn't, they were willing to send me a new set of cables (a pair in each size since that's what broke). I have to say it kind of turned me off from using them though. I don't want that to happen in the middle of a big lace project or sweater! Hope it all works out for you.