Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cool Knitting Stuff Wednesday - Needle Rolls

I considered skipping this edition of Cool Knitting Stuff Wednesday; today is Fallout Day in the Knitting Wounded tent and, like clockwork, my hair is falling out in handfuls. On the other hand, the show must go on, and with all the vacuuming I'll be doing, today's focus is on keeping organized.

Gaze then, on my beautiful needle rolls:

Needle rolls are the best way I've found to keep knitting needles organized and safe from loss or injury. It has not kept me from buying four sets of size 15 needles, but it does keep your tools at hand. I am also partial to wooden size 15 needles, but I digress.

The larger case holds my straight needles and was bought from the seemingly-inactive Bean's Stock back in April 2006. The smaller, pink case was bought from a stand at the Santa Monica Fiber Fest last year and is made by the local company Boogy Bags, whose website seems to be out of order.

Be not distressed though, equally useful and gorgeous needle rolls are to be had all over the internets, including Prices average around $20 and range from $5 and up.

Handy with a sewing machine? Make your own damn case; free patterns for sewn and even knitted needle rolls abound. Then you can start your own Etsy store, expand your repertoire to project bags and whatnot, become a famous designer, get all sorts of awards, and eventually settle down into a life of quiet luxury. At least you can avoid buying four sets of size 15 straights.


throwslikeagirl74 said...

Awesome needle holders. I need to invest in some of those. Mine are all in a vase on the kitchen counter. Love the term Fallout Day. May I borrow it? Mine's going to probably be around my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. :)

errs said...

Have you considered spinning your hair? Then you could wear it has a hat. (I do hope my warped sense of humor doesn't offend you.)

I wish I could sew. I have a machine but I am straight line challenged. I cannot draw, walk, sew, or anyhing in straight line.