Sunday, February 24, 2008


I don't know how folks who do not knit survive. I know it can be done, being a non-knitter myself for a short period, but it still astounds me. Especially now that I'm in, well, my condition, I can truly appreciate a hobby that will let you sit on you ass watching television for hours and still feel like you've accomplished something grand.

Like this:

Chapeau Marnier, size small. KnitPicks Gloss in Cocoa.
This little cap is a bit snug, but I made it for when I have all this pesky hair out of the way (Wednesday). I am making a large Chapeau in burgundy Gloss with a pink ribbon laced through it for the Knit for the Cure sale in March (there's no good info on the website; I got my form from my LYS). I'd like to try to actually go to Knit in the City this year, but it's kinda close to my next treatment, so I'll at least have my contribution ready before then. Many thanks to the lovely Marnie MacLean for permission to donate a hat knit from her pattern.

Baby Booga bag, almost two skeins of Noro Kureyon (unfelted).

Oh my goodness, how I love the Booga Bag! I had these balls of Kureyon I'd picked up in a trade floating around the stash, and I can't think of a more impressive way to use up what little I had. I'll have to take another picture once it's felted, but I know it's going to be lovely. I modified the pattern a little bit: Cast on 25, knit 24 rows, and knit until I ran out of my little bit of Noro. I may try to use up some of my leftover WotA in this pattern, maybe with a Fibonacci sequence.

Key chain sock, Knitpicks Sock Garden in Zinnia. Cat butt added for scale.

I have not had a sock on the needles since I finished the Red Hot Jaywalkers. This is unusual for a serial sock knitter like myself, but I just didn't feel the need to cast on. Then I unearthed the Knitcellaneous pattern for the key chain-sized sock and bust it out watching Spaceballs last night. It looks like my sock knitting process has taken on an addition step while I wasn't looking. Maybe I'll ask for Sparkle for my birthday.

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errs said...

The hat is gorgeous! You shold make yourself a large for when your pesky hair comes back. Are you sure its all gonna be gone on Wednesday? I thought it would be more gradual????