Tuesday, March 04, 2008

No Yarn Left Behind

I could not get to sleep last night, so I got some organizing done. Insomnia + Headlamp = Yarn Sortin' Fun! I won't flash my stash just now, but I will tell you that I have twenty-four pairs of future socks dancing around in my little plastic hutch. This does not include all my sock leavings, which is not a small collection.

As these sock yarns start new careers as toes, heels, or on to other folks making blankets or other projects, I have decided to start cataloging the yarns I have known and loved and to keep a bit for posterity in the form of teeny-tiny key chain socks, marked with brand, name, and color on a metal-edged key label.

Knit Picks Sock Garden "Zinnia", Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock "Tahoe", Mountain Colors Bearfoot "Juniper",
Koigu KPPPM "Orange F", and Knit Picks Gloss "Burgundy"

They are super cute and super fast to knit, and give me something to remember the socks that have gone on to friends and family, perhaps worn out in the heels. I'll also have something to grope on when I start buying yarn again and am overwhelmed with the choices available.

Stinker-rific Picture of the Day:
I'm not sure if she's sneezing or yawning, but it's damn cute either way. I have chemo tomorrow, so I can't guarantee a Cool Knitting Stuff Wednesday, but I'll certainly try. Happy knittings!

1 comment:

Heatherly said...

i love my sock you made me. it is on my knitting bag, reminding me to pray for you.

as you go for treatment today may you feel warm hugs! (virtual ones are the only ones i can give with all the germs at our house!)
how did i miss the contest thing?
trek is very lucky! if i had entered i would say "i'd knit becka some socks" which we all know would be unfair to poor trek. so its a good thing i didn't :-D