Monday, March 17, 2008

I Said "Semi"

Before chemotherapy, I would have five things to do in a day and the energy to complete six. Most days I would actually complete four and procrastinate on the fifth, but if that task needed doing it was physically possible. Now I am down to four or three things to do in a day, but only have enough oomph to get through two or three. Instead of taking a walk, knitting, paying bills, and blogging, most days I walk, knit, and nap. Today I paid bills and am blogging; we'll see if anything else gets done today...

I've done quite a bit of frogging in the last month or so; life is too short to work on something you don't love. I didn't love the Honeymoon Bolero anymore, so it has been frogged; the yarn will be repurposed as a Clapotis (lookout bandwagon, here I come) and my first Tit-Bit. The Rowan River Wrap was fun when I started, but after a while I just couldn't look at it anymore:

Does anyone else remember biology class and looking at all those damn cell slides stained pink? I couldn't stand the idea that I was knitting something resembling my biopsy lab work, so the wrap went into the pond as well.

There has been felting as well as frogging in the Knitting Wounded tent. Check out my Boogas!

Booga Bag, Chocolate, Hush, Artic Pool Heather, and Coal Wool of the Andes

The Noro Kureyon bag (bottom) is a little under-felted, but I decided that I was tired of working on it and it was felty enough. Why do I have such difficulties felting Noro? The top bag was made with my leftover Wool of the Andes and felted without much difficulty into a fine, sturdy fabric. Both were coveted by the HusBoy's aunts, so I have a feeling that more of these fun bags are in my future. Heck, I may even get to keep one eventually.

And, lastly, Stinker keeps falling asleep in front of the television.

It wouldn't be such a big deal if she didn't hog the remote.


trek said...

The striping on the Noro bag is particularly neat.

Says one who does not like to knit the Noro.

Cheryl said...

I always have trouble felting Noro, too. Usually, I give up and decide it is good enough and let it dry. Then I decide to give it one more chance, and the second time through, it felts right up.