Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yarn Shop Sexism

Tip for knitting shop folk: do not mock people who come into your store. If a couple walk into the store, do not single out the lone man in the establishment and loudly proclaim that the only reason he is there is because there's no football on that day. Sure, you made the gals in your class laugh, but you also embarrassed the hell out of the very nice and already uncomfortable man.

It's quite possible that he was just starting out in knitting and has been turned off of the experience because of your thoughtlessness. It could be that the man was just trying to spend time with his yarn-hungry wife who was about to drop a money-bomb while on vacation. It could have been that the knitter (man or woman) was so pissed off by the whole thing that they will never make the trek out to the shop again.

Either way, it is bad business and I doubt very much that I will spend any money in a shop that made the HusBoy so uncomfortable that he opted to go sit in the car. Men are knitters and the supportive partners of knitters; demeaning them and their role is sexist and behind the times. I'm going to go listen to It's A Purl Man now.


errs said...

Wow! How incredibly rude! I hope you didn't buy anything.

Heatherly said...

my bad LYS is very sexist. but one of the two not so local shops is owned and run by a guy. :-)

SagePixie said...

I wish you would have told them WHY you weren't buying anything. They deserved the earfull.

I still am boycotting one of out local... no make that two of our local yarn shops for rudeness.

Stitches in Time talked shit behind my back for breastfeeding my baby in their store. And LisCat employees were just plain rude. (not the owner she's nice)
I'm crossing my fingers she has new nice people when she reopens ;-)

Love and Laughter,