Tuesday, January 29, 2008

1000 Words, No Pictures

Wow, I was surprised to see so many people respond to the last post, thanks for you comments and support for our crafting brothers. It seems that many of us don't want to support rude behavior by spending our money where anyone is mistreated, yay us! This is how I see it - if it's unacceptable for the menfolk to make fun of me when I go to the hardware store for earthquake putty (or plumbers tape or staple-gun staples), then it's not cool to pick on a guy in a yarn shop. I'm all for good-natured ribbing, don't get me wrong, but it's one thing to make a joke with someone with whom you've developed a relationship of some sort with and quite another to yell something across the shop at a total stranger.

Okay, rant over, moving on. I have to apologize for the recent lack of pictures (including this post apparently). I was totally going to wow you all with a bunch of my collected jpegs, but the HusBoy must have the camera in his bag tonight, so no dice.

The new Red-Hot Jaywalkers are coming along swimmingly; they are being knit out of the now-discontinued Knit Picks Sock Garden Zinnia, which is a shame because the colorway is gorgeous. I'd show them off, but, uhm, the HusBoy has the aforementioned camera. I reduced the stitch count to 64 stitches on this pair in an attempt to avoid the hugeness of the Daffodil Jaywalkers. They're nice and snug around the foot and ankle, but now it's a bitch to get them around my heel. Luckily, these are destined for my cousin who has much daintier feet than I, so they will hopefully be perfect for her. I'm also hoping that she brings me back yarn from Argentina, but the two events are totally unrelated.

Her mum, Aunt Quilty, will be getting the Reptilian Lace socks eventually; I don't think I can wait until next winter to hand those beauties over. They were originally going to be for me, but over the months and months of knitting them, the socks are just, well, not mine anymore. So much has gone into them, they have to be for someone else. Of course, not just anyone gets a sweater; figure that one out...

Cool Knitting Stuff Wednesday may be a little late this week; I have an appointment tomorrow morning, then have to rush off to work straight afterwards. The HusBoy is staying the night with me, so I may have him guest-post about how I want him to pick up spinning and he's still resisting. Hey, if he would spin it I wouldn't have to expose him to possible yarn-shop abuse...

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