Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cool Knitting Stuff Wednesdays

In another feeble attempt to make a regular feature on the blog, may I present Cool Knitting Stuff Wednesdays. Each Wednesday I will try to feature a knitting accessory that I'm having particular fun with at the moment. It's like yarn pr0n, except that it is knitting stuff pr0n instead. This also gives me an excuse to buy more stuff, but that's beside the point...

First up, the Keychain Sock Blocker from Knitcellaneous. This one is from the Loopy Ewe, where I bought the ones I added into the recent prize packages and holiday boxes, but you can probably pick them up other places as well. I had so much fun knitting up the little socks that went along with the blockers that I sent out (kit comes with instructions on knitting your own little socks). A neat idea that struck me this morning too; if you knit a tiny sock to go with your full-grown beauties, not only do you have a neat little sock on your keychain, if you wash the little sock with it's big sisters, you have extra yarn with the same fading in case you need to mend them up at some point.

Any recommendations for Cool Knitting Stuff is always appreciated! Just leave me a comment or email me or something (no carrier pigeons have arrived yet...).


errs said...

What a great idea... I just need to actually knit some socks.

trek said...

Hear, hear!