Friday, January 04, 2008

An Audible Squee

I would like to apologize to any of you who have dogs in the Western Hemisphere (cats and birds and pot-bellied pigs too), for I may have deafened the poor creatures this afternoon.

You see, the Becka colorway, created by the lovely folks at Ruby Sapphire Yarns, is ready.

It is truly squee-worthy, if I do say so myself. And so I did let out a mighty squee, which may have well spread across the land in a happy wave. So mighty that I would not blame the ASPCA if they came here and gave me laryngitis to prevent any more ear-splitting squeals of yipee-ness.

To celebrate the coming of me as a colorway, I'm buying two skeins. One for me (of course) and one for.... hmm. How about another contest?!? Introducing the...

What Would You Do to Your Becka? Contest

Rules are simple. Leave a comment/email me (lastinsite AT verizon DOT net)/send a carrier pigeon to me before my birthday. First thing on February 26, I will choose a winning entry, the one which amuses me the most. Be creative, this is all art after all. Enter as often as you like, invite your friends (unless your friends want to enlarge my ding-dong, then I'm not interested).

And, pretty please, put a thought out into the universe to keep the pass out of town clear, at least until tomorrow evening. Otherwise I may not make it home, and I didn't bring enough yarn for an extended siege.


trek said...

I'd install a shelf in the living room and place the Becka on top of it (sort of like a trophy). Then, every time I walked past it, I would pet it and imagine that it is one of those dogs that whimpered when it heard the "squee" (since I am so allergic to dogs and cats that we can't have any, the next best thing would be an imaginary pet to pet).

Heatherly said...

Squeal! i got the best box ever and had no way to tell you i got it!
it kept me thoroughly occupied the last 3 days without electricity!