Saturday, January 12, 2008

Random Gah!

Sorry guys! I don't mean to keep disappearing off the face of the blogoverse. I have a big, faboo post for y'all too, but flickr is "having a massage", and I kinda need the pictures for this one. So, in an attempt to not completely jip my reading public, here's a random post:

  • I've returned to the Reptilian Lace socks since the hustle and the bustle of the holidays.
  • Speaking of the holidays, the HusBoy and I are considering making the Handmade Pledge for the holidays this year. I knit, he bakes, we should have it covered, right? We're thinking we might bend the rules and buy mugs and bowls at thrift stores to hold cookies, unless we can find a handmade supplier that we can afford in large batches.
  • I used to do all my xmas shopping in thrift stores and curio shops. Anyone else do that?
  • I may have grand jury duty coming up. According to the paper the United States District Court, this means that I'll be taking the train up and down from Los Angeles once a week for the next six months to a year. That's about 2 hours a day of hands-free commuting that I will not be able to knit in, because you can't take knitting needles into a courthouse.
  • It guess I'll spend all that time studying; I start my bachelor's degree the same week I start jury duty.
  • HusBoy's going to college too. His first class in ten years; can I get a woot-woot?
  • One of my knitting friends has been working on a hat forever and ever. I offered to get her started on it again (or knit it myself under cover of darkness). She asked me if I was a Beanie Genie. Damn, I already have a name...
  • I got an iPod for Christmas, and I love the damn thing. Going up and down the Cajon Pass is much more entertaining now that I can listen to Lime 'n' Violet, SSK, & Knitters Uncensored pod casts on the over 100 miles each way. I'm currently downloading It's a Purl Man, Sweaters for Dragons, and Knit Science.
  • Everything else on the iPod is a musical or musical movie soundtrack.

If I put out any more random I won't have anything to post later on. Next time: The last yarn of 2007, with extra squee!


errs said...

Glad that you're okay. Sounds like there some random excitement happening in your life. ;)

Heatherly said...

there is always the bamboozal pattern or a couple others to knit containers for the baked goods :-)

knitted wine bottle covers, knitted "brown bags"...even knitted mug warmers...i love the one for the french press BTW.

we did alot of hand made this year cuz i dont want toys from china to kill my kids :-)

Heatherly said...

oh- the courthouse knitting thing...what if you got a locker at the depot to keep the knitting in while you are at court, then you can still knit on the commute?