Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wasted Opportunities

Well, I'm back in the wild desert, knitting in the knitting chair that the hotel so thoughtfully provides, working on the DUCK sleeves and wondering where my mother went wrong. I was always a good-natured child; always did my homework, hardly ever mouthed off (unless it was really funny), and even ate my vegetables. So, why is it that I'm sitting here knitting alone? Why didn't I think to drag you all along with me in some sort of secret knitting knit-along? We could have shared tales of having to shove a scarf into a pot of spaghetti sauce to avoid detection, or having to pass on a pair of socks to a SnB buddy because taking it home would ruin the surprise. Instead of torturing myself, I could have used the power of the internet to torture everyone! Maybe next year...

To answer Trek's question, the sweater is knit in an alternating p1, k3 and k1, p3 pattern. It's almost as mind-numbing as stockinette, but interesting enough to mess up if you zombie out too much.

Also, thanks to errs for agreeing to wait on using my new logo/button until I put out a clean version. I did a lot of work on it last weekend, look for it before the end of the month. I may even think about merchandising... Give me money people! All this yarn isn't buying itself!

Did y'all know that Ruby Sapphire Yarns on Etsy are super-cool? I convo'ed them to ask if they would recreate the yarn that was closest to my name that I had coveted last year when I was broke and couldn't afford it. They offered to work with me to make a custom colorway with my actual name on it! If this all works out, and we all hope it does, I'll offer up a skein of it as a prize of some sort, probably around my birthday. The colors I requested kinda reflect the blog (not the actual colors used, the symbolism, dammit), so if you're kind enough to read this drivel, I don't see why you shouldn't get some yarn for your trouble.

Speaking of hand-dyed goodness, I dipped into my sock yarn stash and started making a baby hat out of some yarn I dyed up with Kool-Aid a while back. It was my first and only attempt at dying and, folks, I'm not hating it. The red-to-pink interspersed with blue-to-purple is actually knitting up very pretty. I'll put up a picture once I think about it and I'm near a functioning camera. The HusBoy doesn't want me doing a whole lot of dying until we have more room for me to do it in, but has agreed that I can go nuts with it if we move to a place with a patio where he can barbecue. Has anyone dyed yarn on a bbq?

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errs said...

I wouldn't want to use your button without it being your best. ;)