Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Columbus, OH

KnittingWounded: Husboy?

HusBoy: Yes?

KW: Have you ever felt the burning urge to go to Columbus, OH?

HB: Nope.

KW: Think you can develop one by this summer?

HB: Uhm, why? (sees the dopey expression on KW's face) Yarn?

KW: (looking down sheepishly) Yarn.

So, we're probably not going to Knitter's Connection next year, but sign-ups start soon if anyone's interested. Is anyone who suffers through my blog going to Stitches West in February? I'm still debating whether to go or not.


trek said...

You have achieved the first step in the conversion of the HusBoy: he recognizes the symptoms of a knitter in search of her next yarn fume fix.

Good job!!

You might get to the Knitter's Connection by 2010!

errs said...

What if you told him, he had the option of going to Knitter's Connection or going to visit some chick who comments on your blog occasionally. ;)