Saturday, November 10, 2007


I don't know what it is lately, but I cannot seem to come home without some new yarn. I didn't hit the desert yarn shop this work week, but I was inexplicable drawn waaaay off the beaten path home and picked up some Noro at the ocean yarn shop.

Noro Silk Garden Bulky. Why wasn't I told?!?
This is the last picture the camera was able to save before it's poor overworked batteries gasped their last. Afterwards, of course, Stinker commenced to nuzzle, lick, and eventually unravel the little brown ball. I think she approves.

This is, unfortunately, is the complete extent of my participation in Norovember. I have been even more lax in my duties as part of the Sock Stash Elimination Campaign. I have actually pulled out the only active project on sock yarn; whatever possessed me to cast on MORE lace I do not know.

But, it's all going to be okay. Honest. Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages...

The body of the DUCK sweater is done. My cup overfloweth all over my ugly green carpet. Two sleeves and some henley button-up knitting and we will have secret sweater goodness ready to deliver. Thanks to all who worried for my elbows, sleep and sanity, especially errs, who assisted me in thinking of a great gifts to give the dorky boys and kitties in my life.

I may have to get Stinker more yarn...


errs said...

I'm so glad that I could help. Just be aware the sea silk is "high maintenance" while you're working with it.

DUCK looks good. I really like that color blue. Only two sleeves and some buttons to go!!!!

trek said...

The Duck looks nice. What is the stitch pattern?