Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Strain is Starting to Show

You know it's a bad thing when, upon telling your employees (yes, I'm supervising again) that you won't be in the office next week, they cast pitying looks in your direction and tell you to enjoy yourself and get some rest. Dear knitters, you are reading the blog of a woman on the edge. I haven't slept decently in weeks, my car is looking less "lived" in and more "eaten" in, and the poor overworked women who make my bed every day never remember to bring me replacement tea bags.

Oh god, and the shopping... I've done some serious damage on Etsy and Amazon lately, but none of the goodies are for me. Actually, one of them might be for you; let's see if I can come up with a contest so I can hand out some swell prizes. I just shut down the (GO AWAY HUSBOY!) Guitar Center website before I blew a whole lot of money on the wrong type of instrument. I was just about to log into PayPal before I thought of sleeping on it.

So, in order to assist in keeping my sanity, I will be going into the office late tomorrow. I will go down stairs and enjoy a sit-down breakfast (as apposed to my usual driving-45 breakfast). I will try not to stress out about how much I have to get done in order to carve out a guilt-free week of cooking and sleeping through black friday. I am really looking forward to being crazy at home instead of crazy 100 miles away; at least I'd be with my HusBoy. Speaking of which, I'm through my second increase on both sleeves (I'm knitting them at the same time, ain't I clever?). I cannot wait until I get to the point where I have to figure out how to block a big, wool sweater in a hotel room.

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