Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Night Special

Sorry guys, I had to work late tonight and errs will hunt me down if I don't get some more done on the never-ending sleeves (hey errs, totally come and track me down; we'll get high off yarn fumes and go on a knitting rampage! We'll design a doggy sweater that looks like a cooked turkey!) so here's a quick bullet-post:

  • I want the yarn on the Yarn Harlot's potty in the worst way.
  • I have downloaded all the Knitters Uncensored podcasts. Yippee for giggling whilst knitting.
  • Why does everyone have better headers than I am? I can't even figure out how to put a picture up at the top. I need a code monkey.
  • Can you buy a code monkey? Will it throw poo if there's an error?
  • My computer makes this cool "boing" noise when I do something it doesn't like. I will have to upset it more often.
  • I'm thinking of doing something Stashonomics-based next year instead of doing a whole-hog yarn diet. Maybe make a goal of reducing my gross yardage by 10% over the year? If anyone wants to join me I might make a group for it or something.
  • Then I'd HAVE to buy a code monkey.
  • The need for retail therapy has passed (thank goodness), but I went and bought some shirts from threadless. They're awesome and $10, sue me.
  • Oh, and I ran out of pictures to dress up the blog with. Add that to the suit.
  • I lied. Please don't sue me. I need the money for yarn.
  • If you see some chick with a big butt in a Wicked shirt and jammie pants with an ice bucket wandering around the hotel in her socks, it's probably me.
  • If she's also got some red wooly fuzz-balls all over said socks, it's totally me.

Going knitting now, wish me luck on increase repeat 5/8.

1 comment:

errs said...

OMG -- could you imagine a cooked-turkey dog sweater for a Mastiff?

I could go for some realy yarn fumes. I spend too much time on line with the virtual yarn. ;)

I don't know if my stash is big enough to warrant anything too stash-busty yet. Maybe in a few months when the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair and Stiches Midwest are in coming up, the Husband will make me destash.