Friday, November 30, 2007

Cold, Stupid Knitter

In the last few years of my knitting career I have been a fairly prolific producer of items designed to keep you warm. I have countless scarves, woolen socks, sweaters, a tank top, and Cthulhu knows what else that I have knit in order to keep myself toasty. So, when the skies opened up this morning and rain finally came to the desert, was I ready?

Hell no.

After months of dragging scarves and sweaters back and forth when it was too hot to even look at alpaca, it's finally freezing and I forgot all my warmies. I found a huge zip-up sweatshirt and an almost-fun-fur acrylic scarf in the back seat of the car, so I probably won't be found on the side of the road encased in ice, but the knitterly shame is almost too much to bear.

So, I went shopping! I wanted to get something for the best guess prizes in the DUCK contest, and after spending the last month hearing about the wonders of Sheri and The Loopy Ewe on Lime 'n' Violet, I finally made and order and took my first step towards being a Loopy Groupie. Folks, I submitted my order at 9am this morning, and when I got back to my hotel (11 hours later, don't ask) the package had not only been put together, but, according to the USPS website, it has already left St Louis. I wonder if I'll get it while I'm home? Anyway, go over there and buy stuff. And tell Sheri I sent you; I want my $5.


errs said...

I'd go, but what if I ended up getting what I'm already getting from you for winning?

But I totally agree about not having the warm stuff for yourself. I've knit 1/2 dozen scarves three sets of mittens and two hats. The one I thought was going to be mine is now going to my brother's girlfriend. Please don't tell me it will always be like this... I need some warmies for Chicago winters.

trek said...

Oh, boo!