Wednesday, November 28, 2007

please... send... podcasts...

What was I doing while I was carefully ignoring the DUCK project? I was making gifties!

This is the Men's Convertible Mittens pattern from KnitPicks.

People, this mitten took me two days. Two days of napping and running errands and not really concentrating on getting it done. Ends woven in, everything. Two days, think about it. Annual gift-giving time is quickly approaching folks.

The best part? The yarn is Plymouth Encore from the stash. Dad's gonna love these (if I ever get around to doing mitten #2).

I also finished up the Shoulder Wrap from the copy of Wrap Style I picked up from the hurt book sale I hit a while back.

It's not blocked yet, and it needs a super-nifty button, but the knitting is done and the ends are woven in.

I'm hoping my quilt-y aunt will like it as much as Stinker does.

Da kitty has a habit of camping out on my knitting bag when I'm home. I'm thinking that she's trying to prevent me from going out of town. Well, her plan didn't work, and apparently she's not too happy about it; I just received a report that she piddled the bed last night. It's always the sweet, smiling ones that you have to watch out for.

DUCK Update

I have a confession to make; I didn't knit at all last night. I had a long drive, long day at work, and then had dinner with my boss. I went straight to bed. Tonight, on the other hand, I knit through the first two balls on the sleeves (remember, I'm doing both sleeves at the same time) and completed another increase row. I am going in to work late tomorrow, so I'll probably stay up and bust out another couple repeats to the next increase row.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to inform you all that there has been a production-affecting issue; I am all out of Lime 'n' Violet. I have listened to all 48 episodes while knitting this sweater, and now I don't know what to do. Please, are there any suggestions for great, funny podcasts out there?

And, of course, thanks to everyone who has submitted guesses for the contest (three of you so far). I'm thinking that there are some folks out there who want to get a better idea of where I am and will submit riiiiiight before the deadline. Of course, it may be that you three are the only ones reading; in that case I think I'll try to whip up something for everyone. Prize components have already started to arrive from the various etsy sellers with which I've traded money for goods. I'm not sure if I'm going to post the goodies or not. I'm a girl that loves a surprise and I'd hate to spoil it for someone else.

Non-denominational winter holiday cards will start their postal trip to your homes probably this weekend - snail-mail if I have your address, e-mail if I don't. Cheers!

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errs said...

Hey -- no slacking. I've now got a vested interested in the DUCK.

To keep you motivated & amused:

Personally, I've got a book that I'm making mittens while listening to. Podcasts are for commuting. ;) (Actually, so is the book now...)

Hope you enjoyed your vacation. :D