Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Was Surprised Too

Sorry about the hiccup of a blogpost yesterday, but I was knocked-off-my-tush tired. It's not bad enough that I drive over a hundred miles to get to and from every week after spending the last few months driving maybe five miles a week, but the HusBoy and I went and did the mini-golf/laser-tag/batting-cages thing the day before my trek. Between you, the world-wide-web, and I, but I was sooo sore and exhausted the next day; my sedentary ways are catching up to me perhaps.

I've got good news on the knitting front: I'm further along on the DUCK project than originally thought. When I went fishing for new yarn to pack the original package of 10 balls only had 4 in it. I know it's not a gigantic difference, but I'll take an extra ball's worth of progress any day of the week. I should be up to the armholes this evening, nap-time non-withstanding.

In my sudden flurry of casting on, I started the shoulder-warmer shrug from Wrap Style for my aunt. Instead of trying to keep track of rows, I'm sectioning off increase areas with my BECKA stitch markers and counting those instead. A little more math, but quite a lot less "shut up, I'm trying to count over here".

Off to listen to more Lime 'n' Violet and knit up to the armholes... Happy knitting!

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