Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Torturous Comfy Chair

I'm hoping you all got the "comfy chair" reference. If not, go out and discover some Monty Python, post haste!

During my current work assignment that takes me away from home oh so much, I have stayed at four hotels, and my favorite so far is the Hilton Garden Inn. It's not so much for the 24-hour access to fitness equipment, the availability of room service, or even the nightly cookies at the front desk. No, the reason I like to stay here (among others) is the fact that they provide a Knitting Chair in every room. A big, cushy, red chair with a big lamp behind it that provides excellent lighting and a footstool in front for the hard-working tootsies. I don't believe they advertise this particular perk; perhaps they want to avoid hordes of rowdy knitters? In any case, if you happen to check out of one of these fine rooms and find that your knitters chair is absent, I was probably there before you and figured out a way to sneak it into my luggage.

This Comfy Chair is what I fell asleep in yesterday afternoon shortly after posting. I did eventually slog into bed, and woke up almost exactly eight hours later. Now, I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but I get damn sluggish if I get more than 8 hours of nappy time. So, I slogged back out of bed, returned to the comfy chair, and proceeded to finish the around 'n' around 'n' around part of the DUCK project and began the back arm shaping. Of course, after all of this the long-distance HusBoy has gotten on my nerve. Long-distance conflict, especially STUPID long-distance conflict, makes me want to knit this sweater in the jacuzzi downstairs and see if it felts.

I wonder if the Spanish Inquisition folks used a jacuzzi as water-torture?

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errs said...

I love those big cosy chairs. Too bad when I travel its usually for dog shows so the fanciest I get is Red Roof. ;)