Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Finally! Pictures!

Hey there folks! I can't even explain how tired I am right now, so I'm going to cop out and catch up on some pictures that I've been neglecting...

Sara's Damn That Was Easy Scarf, don't remember the yarn off hand, done in 3 hours on US17 needles.

Detail of the Point 5 "pom".

My newest creation, the Quickie Ribbed Toddler Hat, made of Baby Twist from Alpaca With A Twist. One afternoon on US6 dpns.

Oh yeah, and my Knitpicks order came in... Turns out I needed the US11 dpn's after all. I'm making my aunt a shawl out of the Wrap Style book. More details and links tomorrow afternoon once I get some shut-eye...

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errs said...

That toddler hat is too cute!