Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Diet Is Working

I went on this legendary yarn diet in order to finally get to all the projects I kept planning and never getting to. Not only am I avoiding distraction, but my stash has gone back to its pre-wool size.

All not-in-progress yarn is right here: project yarn on top, socks in the middle, random yarn on the bottom. The balls of Cashsoft in the bag don't quite fit yet, but there may be a vacancy pretty soon.

This inspired me to clean out my knitting drawer, the repository for my knitting knick knacks and various supplies. A quick trip to the deepest pit of Hades scored me some really neat pencil bags, great for finally sorting my "junk drawer" into my "knitting resource area".

Orange is my grab-n-run, go-to supply bag, green holds my crochet hooks, cable needles, and stitch holders, gray is for point protectors and stitch markers, and the pink one holds all my random sewing supplies.

Speaking of cleaning things up, guess who got groomed yesterday!

1 comment:

aija said...

I dig the color coded pencil cases!