Thursday, August 09, 2007

Unexpected Side-Effects

I'm a total mail slut; the only thing that got me through the guilt of spending so much money on wedding crap was that I was getting packages in the mail damn near every day. I do a silly little dance for a postcard, but I offend my neighbors with my sensual I-gots-me-a-package dance. Unfortunately, one of the unexpected side-effect of my not buying any-yarn-whatsoever is the lack of packages coming in the mail. Then, all of a sudden, I got two on Tuesday! One was my Scarf- & Wrap-Style books from the Interweave Hurt Book Sale. One was a out-of-nowhere box from Aunt Quilty.

I must speak of the super-neatiness of my Quilting Aunt. Aunt Quilty is the only other hardcore crafter in the family, and the only one who truly understands the effort that went into her holiday prezzie. The poor dear has carpal-tunnel in both hands, so she can crochet a bit, but can't really knit, but she quilts like a sewing dervish. She made us these really neat quilted coasters THAT WE ACTUALLY USE!!! We send each other handmade stuff every winter, but every once in a while she likes to surprise me.

Honestly, I already have the book, but the fact that she thought of me, with such a thorough understanding of who I am is what's important here. Focus people!

In actual knitting news, I have decided that knitting a lace sock and shawl may be the finest way to drive yourself absolutely mad. So the projects are taking turns, and right now it's the shawl's turn. I've got about enough for a Stinker-sized shawl.

She's more impressed than she lets on.

Only eight more exponentially increasing repeats to go, whoopee! I swear, I'd never do lace except that it looks like magic when it's done.

Oh, and I broke another ChiaGoo dpn. Bugger.


trek said...

Why is it that every last one of us posts pictures of broken dpns? I even made up a story about it once...

Sheepish Annie said...

Hmmm...kitty doesn't look as impressed with that shawl as I would be. Really nice work, there!

Would you believe I've never once broken a dpn? I once dropped an antique wooden needle, got it caught in the closet door and crushed it. But, I've never broken a needle while knitting. What does this say about my commitment to the knitting????