Monday, August 13, 2007

Says Who?

The Husboy and I rarely get days off together, but this weekend we were gifted with three whole days to ourselves! To celebrate, we ran off to a Long Beach Armada game yesterday afternoon to enjoy the sun, the food, and some darn good baseball. Oh, and quality sock-knitting time to boot. So much time, in fact, that I finished the first sock before the 7th inning stretch.

I have one issue with toe-up socks: I always seem to bind the buggers off too tight at the top. This has generally required the use of larger needles to bind off to keep from binding off the circulation of the wearer, but I was not prepared for this eventuality. So, like any good knitter, I made something up:

On K2, P2 ribbing:
K2, bind-off 1, *M1P, BO, P1, BO, P1, BO, M1P, BO, K1, BO, K1, BO*
Repeat between *'s until the end.

Or, in other words, add a purl stitch to either side of the purl panel before binding off. It gave me plenty of stretch that even my tight little bind-off couldn't mar.

Stinker would not be content unless she was in the picture.
The Husboy, appreciative as always, said it was a shame I didn't have anything else to work on for the rest of the game. I whipped the other cake of Koigu out and said, "Says who?" What a way to avoid SSS.

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